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Angry Birds Star Wars [NPUB31307]
Show Some Screens and a dialog about corrupted save
PPU Interpreter (fast)
SPU Interpreter (fast)

Quote:{PPU[0x7af] Thread (_libsail-control) [0x01015cb4]} class fmt::exception thrown: Function not registered (index 2973)
(in file Emu\Cell\PPUModule.cpp:157)ยท!
try to load "cellGem" LLE.
You're missing the video decoding libraries to go along with libsail.
Try loading libavcdec, libvdec and libsail-avi as well.

IF that gives you some kind of "function index not registered" error also try loading libdivx311dec, libdivxdec, libmvcdec, libsvc1d, libsjvtd, libsmvd2, libsmv4, libpamf, libdmux, libdmuxpamf.
RPCS3 v0.0.1-4964-48b0583

if select sail.prx show me error in first loading
Quote:F {PPU[0x1000012] Thread (_libsail-control) [0x010d021c]} class std::runtime_error thrown: Function not registered (index 3006)
(in file Emu\Cell\PPUModule.cpp:162)

if don't select sail.prx go to menu
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6288-1ea5e740 Alpha
Playable. Requires you to select load automatic and manual libraries then check "libvdec.sprx".

Didn't notice any issues remaining audio and graphics are perfect.

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