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Deadstorm Pirates [NPEB00409]
Game speed is great now (full speed for me).

The issue though is that the player's shot have zero collision with enemies. So you can't kill anything/play the game.

But speed and gfx look perfect, so once the collision works this game will be fully playable.
Later updates fixed stage selection music. It doesn't cut off after first two seconds anymore. I suppose the only remaining issue is that you can't hit enemies with your bullets.

Playable same as disc version, needs write color buffer.

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Missing 3rd screenshot
Hi, just been testing this, works fine for me but does not recognise any shots fired, cursor moves and triggers weapon animation, however the opponents do not react. Cannot get past 1st mob
60 FPS here, with huge FPS dips in a few sections(kind of one or two per stage). Other than that, running fine with move controls.
Intel i5 3.30 Ghz, GTX 760 2GB, 8GB of RAM. PC running at 100% CPU during gameplay and some graphical glitches like part of the screen going green sometimes.

Shots not recognized problem:
Enable Write Color Buffer in the emulator and it should work.

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