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The Unfinished Swan [NPUA98202]
rpcs3-v0.0.0.6-261-g5670488-win_x64 DX12+LLE
  • LLE libs
  • CellFiber
  • CellSail
  • CellSpurs
  • CellSre
Goes ingame on recent master build. Requires libSre LLE'd.


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.rar   RPCS3UnfinishedSwan.rar (Size: 250.15 KB / Downloads: 30)
There's a really weird bug with this game when using the 360 joystick, the dpad and left analog of the joystick work, but NOT the cross, circle, triangle and square.
And yes, I have tried with other games using the same version of the emulator, and they all work with the joystick, it's only THIS game.
Using the keyboard or mmjoystick seems to work, but not Xinput.
I don't think there's a need for a log, since I can't even go ingame using the 360 joystick, but still here it is

RPCS3 v0.0.4-6268-8b31a944

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 96.16 KB / Downloads: 8)
The bug posted above should have been fixed, i had the same issue with catherine I found the Pull Request from Megamouse that broke it and then he fixed the issue.
If I buy this game on my friends ps3 and dump it will it show up as the trial or the full game? Im pretty new to this so some guidance would help.

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