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Devil May Cry HD Collection [BLES01228]
All games from collection are now playable. It needs to be launch with "Load liblv2.sprx only" option and games needs to be booted directly (for example for DMC1 you need to boot DMC1.PPU.SELF). Trying to launch games normally will freeze collection after choosing game. Only thing that can't be done is playing as Lucia in DMC2 (or at least I didn't fiigured out how to do this)

Edit: I forgot to mention that games can sometimes randomly freeze
Unfortunatly, Lucia has a whole campaign by herself
so I guess this is not eligible for moving to Playable section just yet.
I reported this issue to devs in discord.
hope it would be fixed soon as it's the only thing keeping this collection from being playable.
Ive managed to finish 1st part but it tend to freeze on power up (time statue) screen.
Intel Core i7 - 4790k @4.4 Ghz
Asus - Z97 Pro
Asus - GTX970 - Strix
16GB DDR3 @1600
Win 10 Pro x64
I think I discovered something that would help fix launcher in this game (and possibly lucia in DMC2). When I was testing Zone of the enders HD collection I noticed that launcher works as intended (at least launching games) and I was wondering why this launcher works but DMC one doesn't. First difference was that Zone of the enders HD Collection one can be launched with "Automatically load required libraries" and DMC one needs "Load liblv2.sprx only" , so I decide to test Zone of the enders HD Collection with "Load liblv2.sprx only". Result was that launcher would no longer be able to load games and it would freeze just like DMC launcher.
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-da3f3fd Alpha

Boot selector works and boots everything except DMC2 - Lucia, whenever trying to play as her it just boots into Dante instead.
[Image: e0e0607dde.png]
Note: all screenshots were using Recompilers (LLVM + ASMJIT) & Automatically load libraries.
[Image: 605c515d2b.jpg]
At first I thought DMC2 needed interpreter because it kept giving me a black screen and interpreter allowed me to go in-game. But now I can get in-game with recompiler every time.
[Image: d5dad0fb15.png]
Small issue with DMC3 where sword swing effect isn't properly displaying dante behind it:
[Image: 823a083aca.png]

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A lot of times, ~30%, it get infinite loading or only just a black screen changing location using a door, watching a video or opening/closing a menu.
No error in the console with variable fps near the 60 with background sound/music, it isn't stuck or crashed, if it's a video and it's skipped it NEVER produce this error if skipped, but only if played until the end.
PPU/SPU recompiler, liblv2.sprx only
I try with Vulkan, OpenGL, XAudio2, OpenAL, using 1,4 or auto threads, nothing work.
It seem to happen only to the third game, it happen every time if a key (cross/square/etc) is pressed watching a video.
Look who's finally playable (on neko PR)
Devil May Cry 3 stuck on warning:
"W {PPU[0x1000005] Thread (FMOD BGM status query thread) [0x00627eb8]} cellSysutil: cellSysutilGetBgmPlaybackStatus(status=*0xd0033d40)"
Devil May Cry 2 HD start setting:
PPU Recompiler
SPU Recompiler
Firmware Automatic ..
Render OpenGL
Cache invalid
Use GPU Render
FPS 34 - 45 no 60 Sad

With Vulkan start but it blocks new game Screen

RPCS3 c570410
Was able to complete DMC1 as well as DMC2 Dante and Lucia on 2017-10-14-304a4a1b with no problems.
Used Vulkan with default settings except "Use GPU Texture Scaling".
This has to be disabled, otherwise some textures are rendered as plain black (affects both aforementioned games).

DMC3 on the other hand...
The game frequently turns into an infinite loading screen or into a black screen (with audio continuing).
This usually happens at level transitions or menu transitions.
Has anyone been able to play this game, and if yes, what version and settings did you use?

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