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Silent Hill HD Collection [BLES01504]
That's not a full log, that's console output.

Please compress RPCS3.log file (to .7z, .rar or .zip) and attach it to your post.

By looking at that output though it's very likely it's due to pathing issues.
(02-09-2017, 10:27 PM)BlackDaemon Wrote: Firelink Bonfire,

Here we go again.
You just *copied* disc *as is* in BLES01504 folder, that is *wrong*.

You should copy game dump in some else folder, not into RPCS3\dev_hdd0\game\BLES01504. It shoudn't exist, game will create it itself, when you launch eboot.bin for first time, and "install" itself there.

Finally i was able to do this as should.
Game installed (well, game literally copies several files (4GB)) to dev_hdd0 directory, when I run it from another place. This process was impossible for me earlier because I have need to change settings PPU Decoder - from recompiler to fast interpreter. After that game start to installing game data...
Well, this is a bug?

But anyway... In-game videos in Silent Hill 2 now works! That's success Smile
But MENU (eboot.bin) for choosing games and voice editions don't work - this is just a white screen. Maybe, some files was not copied to game installation folder successfully?
[b]Manually placing required files from log to dev_hdd0 does nothing.[/b]

Here are the video and log.

Directory with game dump is \dev_hdd0\game\BLES01504origdump
Directory with game installed files is \dev_hdd0\game\BLES01504

For some reason I couldn't start Silent Hill 3 HD anymore.
You really need to fix the moving of the characters Big Grin
Log / used version?
(03-26-2017, 02:39 PM)Annie Wrote: Log / used version?

I just tried a second "Born From A Wish" scenario of the game. Problems still the same in any vers. Characters can't move. Almost can't. You can see it from Firelink Bonfire video.

Version is rpcs3-v0.0.2-2017-03-24-c0ad6689. If you really need a log, i can make it again.
I would recommend posting your log as it can sometimes tell much more than a video can.
Always post the log file when reporting a game status update. It is *required*.

As i know, it's only the one game that have so buggy controls in emu.
(03-29-2017, 03:07 PM)notq Wrote: As i know, it's only the one game that have so buggy controls in emu.

in tony hawks project 8 controls doesnt work. so its not only one game

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