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05-09-2017, 04:19 PM -
Don't use ASMJIT when you get bugs like that, use Interpreter on SPU and Recompiler LLVM on PPU
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11-05-2017, 11:55 AM -
No luck used all kind of config PPU, SPU, and still stuck on black screen at startup, the FPS keep counting but nothing, all black.

RPCS· v0.0.3-3-4600094 Alpha

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12-06-2017, 03:53 PM -
I5-4670, gtx1060 6gb, 16 gb ram, runs almost perfect on 1920x1080. Some lags on changing scenes, but its not a problem.
Using LLVM, ASMJIT, 1 SPU threads, and bind SPU to sec. cores.
Loop detection is disabled, cause i had some audio sluttering.

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03-26-2018, 08:25 PM -
I have problems with the latest version rpcs3-v0.0.5-6592-a36acf49_win64. For example, I realized that 30 fps with some other drops is not one:
Recompiler (LLVM)
Recompiler (ASMJIT)
Preferred SPU threads: 1
Load only libvl2.sprx
Enables SPU loop detection.

So I set it up and it traveled at 30 fps, but at the moment of the scenes it freezes. If I want to correct that error, I have to activate the 'Subprocess Programmer', but between 10 and 20 fps ...

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