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Skate 3 [BLUS30464]
Hi everyone,

With the successful boot up and the stable playability of the bLES version being reported about 2 months ago, what is the standing of this version? I would like to know if the US version is also as playable as the EU one. 

Thank you.
i need some help for optimize skating 3 on my pc, i have a gtx960 4gb, 16gb ram dd4 and i5 6600k. My game seems to stay at 9fps and in one hour it just hangs
@"NeThZOR" Region shouldn't matter status is the same regardless.
@"igorcm" Use SPU+PPU LLVM, Vulkan renderer, and experiement with 1-4 spu preferred threads. the best spu value will depend on your CPU which is why I said to experiment.

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