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Digger HD Demo [NPEB90231]
Does not show any texture, but i found it interesting. At first run game installs/extracts content from lzma file and toc index. At the second run, actually attempts to run game, it shows access violation error unfortunately.
I had had to create new directory NPEB90231SMARTDATA next to NPEB90231, I had to place game files in new directory. In older builds i didnt have to create new directory. New directory is necessary starting from #381 PR.

Game should be run at 1920x1080 resolution.

BTW, it is nice that somebody implemented progress bar and half transparent messages/windows, look on screenshots, i really like it is displayed that way..
nothing but a black screen and fps 0
Omg which commit?

game now installs game data. Much faster than previously. I see only two intro images and then black screen.

Second run with opengl backend game go ingame but missing textures and slow.

what could be the error
·E 0:04:29.194829 {rsx::thread} RSX: Depth texture bound to pipeline with unexpected format 0x84

its same in vulcan and opengl
Moving to Intro.


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