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04-26-2020, 09:10 AM -
(03-31-2020, 08:33 AM)Jaro89 Wrote: Thanks, that indeed was the problem. It's working now. I can't click on reputation button unfortunately (tab in browser freezes).

Game is working really well, except for horrible audio crackling/stuttering is some areas (especially in village), but that's unfixable for now, from what i've read.
I can play at full fat 4k on laptop with gtx970m and i7 6700hq, having constant 30 fps (locked in config), that's really impressing.
Only that audio...

And I was able to install DLC. That reqiered some tinkering (modifying rif license from console to rap file), but now I can finish entire game on PC.

Just completed the game. Works flawlessly now.
To fix audio delays in cutscenes and crackling, just use OpelAL audio out instead of XAudio2. Cleans it right up.

I also played with a steady 60fps using the patch.

My Specs:
i7 8700k
RTX 2060
16GB DDR4 3200

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