Gekijouban Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa [BLJS93004]
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07-05-2014, 06:39 PM -

The following image is wrong :/
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03-17-2017, 10:56 AM -
Goes to intro now, freezes before going ingame.

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01-06-2018, 05:42 PM -
It goes ingame in rpcs3-v0.0.4-2018-01-04-19d181fa_win64 now, and might even be playable all the way to the end, although at slow framerate (~10fps or so, depending on the number of enemies and objects on screen).

I can only get the game to work properly while using OpenGL. See the results here:

The game runs at full speed in Vulkan, but unfortunately it crashes just after the opening in-game cutscene during the loading screen:

The log file for the Vulkan video above is attached.

I tried recompiler and interpreter modes with similar results.
The game also sometimes freezes just after going in-game in OpenGL as well, even if I don't change any of the settings. Closing RPCS3 and re-launching it entirely once or twice seems to fix it. It's very odd.

Also... can the mods please change the title of this thread to "Macross Last Frontier" please?
"Gekijouban Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa" is the name of the anime movie. "Macross Last Frontier" is the name of the video game included in a set with the movie. The game isn't called "Gekijouban Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa" though. Thanks Smile
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E {PPU[0x10000f5] Thread (LoadingRound) [0x00711ee4]} 'sys_fs_stat' failed with 0x80010006 : CELL_ENOENT, “/app_home/data/arms/bdg/ar_bdg.tbl” [1]
then crashed
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11-17-2020, 11:53 AM -
Able to enter mission gameplay oppose to crash in mission intro. The mission intro stuck a bit but able press start to skip then enter gameplay. Game crash when load a save file.

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