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Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom [NPUB30045]
Not loadable, ends as process finished. No errors ?

[Image: Y4tAMEw.png]
(05-21-2014, 01:04 AM)AlexAltea Wrote: > Error loading 'libfs' module

... wut? Huh

Hmm just wanna share.. that libfs module is probably file libfs.sprx which is supposed to reside in dev_flash. Perhaps he could try getting that file first to get further progress..

Here is a list of related libfs modules that I can find :
libfs_utility_init.sprx -- 72.5 KB
libfs_utility_full.sprx -- 29.8 KB
libfs_utility2.sprx -- 16.8 KB
libfs_utility.sprx -- 93.7 KB
libfs_155.sprx -- 20.4 KB
libs.sprx -- 33.2 KB
(05-21-2014, 08:34 AM)AlexAltea Wrote: A real game isn't supposed to do that (grab firmware modules directly from /dev_flash/). I have only seen that weird behaviour in one homebrew. Undecided

I have all libs putted in /dev_flash but with or without it same error.
BTW I get "Error loading 'libfs' module" error in few more games:
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos [NPEB00123]
Smash Cars [NPUB30097]
These games not loadable too, but related with spurs and "Read32 from null block" errors
It's probably a game-internal thing (they probably share the same engine, like that one series of homebrew games with the libpng error.)
Goes ingame on recent master build, looks playable Tongue


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