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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots [BLES00246]
I'm also able to run that minigame/S.M sequence/whatever.

Here's what I get with OpenGL

[Image: 30w585u.png]

And with D3D12 I get slightly worse results...

[Image: 2urbckn.png]

While not the main game, something runs. Still too slow to actually be played, but I can use the controls and the game responds.
Other .slef files in that folder do not boot correctly.

Until the missing "surface type 1" gets implemented, I guess we won't even be seeing the Konami Productions Logo.
(03-31-2017, 05:15 PM)fdemian Wrote: I'm also able to run that minigame/S.M sequence/whatever.

Hi, could you please let me know what RPCS3 version/configuration you're using? I'm trying to test opening:

\mgs\stage\module\us.self but getting nothing using RPCS3 0.0.3-9.54f990a with either Vulkan, OpenGL or Direct3D.

E {PPU[0x100000b Wrote:Thread (NioSelectorThread) [0x02dd616c]} sys_net: sys_net_bnet_select(): exceptfds not implemented pid='280642' dateline='1501441003']F {SPU[0x2000001] Thread (FoxJobPoolCellSpursKernel1)} class std::runtime_error thrown: Halt
(in file C:\rpcs3\rpcs3\Emu\Cell\SPUThread.cpp:1796)

RPCS3 v0.0.3-3a11d66f Alpha
using VULKAN ... Loading Icon then ERROR/CRASH...

RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-4aa8913 Alpha

MGS4.SELF use SPU PRECISE to get past EMU CRASH it seems...
best i managed was 60 FPS Black Screen...
PPU Decoder: Recompiler (LLVM)
SPU Decoder: Interpreter (precise)
Renderer: Vulkan

ps: ADJUST SETTINGS IN GLOBAL SINCE you are starting the MGS4.SELF directly...
i don't think the custom config for the specific game works in this scenario...


.rar   MGS4 SELF - SPU PRECISE - 60FPS Black Screen - RPCS3.rar (Size: 62 KB / Downloads: 16)

seems to spam an error in common with some other games... that has been reported...
"·W 0:00:20.259979 {rsx::thread} RSX: NV4097_GET_REPORT: Unimplemented type 1"
After a few months and the updates that have been added...this game is still on a black screen. I'm getting 60 FPS consistently with OpenGL and Vulkan, it makes no difference whether I boot it with RPCS3 or the MGS4.SELF. I'm using the latest RPCS3 version (rpcs3-v0.0.5-6650-78bb9a72_win64 as of this post).

us.self loads the MGS1 game, but averages between 5-15 FPS.

Log file of me loading the game is attached.

Attached Files
.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 96.12 KB / Downloads: 3)
There is already a PR open since new years that brings this game to the menu screens, it's not merged because it's not ready though. Just need to be patient and wait for the unpaid contributor Numan to finish his changes, it's not particularly easy.
Could you provide a source or a link for that open PR please? I'm checking the open ones on the RPCS3 Github and I don't see any by "Numan".
He uses a different name on github https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/pull/4007 anyway please dont spam the comments but it's there if you want to test it.
F {PPU[0x100001e] Thread (OVERLAY_LOAD) [0x00011b7c]} MEM: Access violation reading location 0x0 with new build
Any updates on this game? Been quite a while...

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