Annoying layers on the left side of the screen
Started by franz777

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03-10-2024, 04:59 AM -
I've been trying to fix this issue for weeks now and still can´t find the solution. I've uploaded the screenshots so you all can see what i'm talking about (It's not my monitor either, when i have it on windowed mode the layers still persist). I've tried changing every GPU setting, everything is up to date, my hardware is pretty good (RTX 3070ti). I tried changing resolutions, disabling patches... Nothing makes those layers go away! If anyone knows how to fix it it would be a blessing.

Gotta say that those layers weren't there when i first started playing. But then everything got updated and after that those layers appeared. When i try to change it to the old patches still doesn't work... 

[Image: FsG5Ljz]

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03-11-2024, 05:25 PM -
You have so many random settings changed I don't even know how the game still works.
Reset settings to default, and follow the RPCS3 Wiki instructions for the game, as that's all wrong.
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