Minor graphics issues in Call of Duty: Black Ops (NPUB30584)
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Of all Call of Duty games (all up-to-date NPUB versions aside from 3 and World at War, both BLUS and latest versions), despite only 3 and 4: Modern Warfare being marked as "Playable", I have zero issues in all of them, except for Black Ops which has some very minor graphics issues, but I would say it's completely fine 99% of the time. The other 1% is no big deal at all, but it's still something I would like to fix if possible. I haven't noticed anything of the sort in any of the other Call of Duty games (or games in general) at all. 

On a side note, about all the Call of Duty games after 4 only being marked as "Ingame", I made another thread about major split screen performance issues as well (just that and these minor graphics issues in Black Ops so far), though I'm unsure if that's just hardware limitations, RPCS3 limitations or the games themselves, but whatever, that's another topic.

Anyway, here are the screenshots:

1) Cyan tint in the blood in darkness:

2) Weird artifacts in what's supposed to be complete darkness:

3) Skybox issues:

4) Two small red dots, didn't see that until right now, but the main thing I wanted to say here is that this lighter flame is supposed to be a part of a cutscene with a black background, as can be seen in my other screenshot that I took on PC years ago, but here it shows up right over the stuff that's supposed to appear afterwards:


I cropped this screenshot because it was too large to be uploaded and because there was a notification from Snipping Tool in the bottom-right corner, nothing significant was lost. Sorry about the Activate Windows watermarks in all other screenshots, by the way.

5) Guns (mainly this shiny 1911, unsure about others) can sometimes flicker like this:

Another side note about other issues... Well, there is a third one I remembered while taking this scerenshot. Of all the games, this is the only single area of all levels, maps and game modes where I have experienced major FPS issues outside of split screen, otherwise it's always perfectly stable 60 FPS, no matter what. In just this half of this room (maybe / especially when facing a certain direction), FPS is literally halved all of a sudden and in the other half, it's back to 60. Same issue right outside, I think only when facing a certain direction. Really weird. I've never seen anything like that before in anything I played on RPCS3. Any clues? The game runs perfectly otherwise, even in split screen, perfectly stable and smooth 60 FPS.

6) Cyan tint like that in the blood earlier, but a lot more present in a lot more things, I assume because the entire environment is much darker and there was that other issue with darkness:

7) The first time I tried this game on RPCS3 (very recently, no more than a few weeks ago), it was the BLUS verison of the game and without any updates or DLCs (now running the latest update of the NPUB version with all DLCs) and I also had some minor flickering issues, as minor as the issues in the screenshots above. For example, some ceilings would have some minor black flickering. Also, the bar in the screenshot with the lighter flame was flickering a lot and I think not only black, but a bit of green too. Not sure why that issue is entirely gone now, if it's because of the different game version, a clean install or prebuilt caches. Yeah, I didn't prebuild caches back then, now I make sure to do it for all games because it seems like the more logical thing to do? It could be that, not the version of the game. Either way, that used to be an issue, but not anymore, for whatever reason.

That would be it. Are there any settings that can be adjusted to fix these issues, considering how minor they are? It's not like the whole game is completely messed up at all, it's almost entirely normal, so it seems like something that could be fixed by tweaking settings a little, but if not, it's perfectly playable anyway and I'm happy about it.

Thanks in advance.
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