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I'm always on the latest version of RPCS3. 

I have a couple of games (Call of Duty 3 and World at War, BLUS versions, up-to-date) in the disc format (they were never available digitally) and if I move their respective folders (my folders that I dragged and dropped into RPCS3 in order to install and play, nothing generated by RPCS3), the games disappear from the RPCS3 home screen. When I noticed that, I moved the folders back to where they originally were, had to drag and drop them back into RPCS3 and received the prompt to build caches and create shortcuts again, as if I was installing them for the first time. I skipped all these options and it seems like it's as if nothing was ever touched.

When I do the same thing with a game in the digital format (for example, Resident Evil, NPUB version) just as a test, it remains in the game list in RPCS3 and nothing changes, unlike with the 2 games in the disc format.

My issue here is that my PlayStation 3 folder takes up 316 GB (317 GB on disk) on my one and only 2 TB SSD in the PC and 195 GB of that is my Games folder (the one I made with the games I dragged and dropped into RPCS3) which I should really move to an external HDD for backup purposes and to free up the much needed space, but I am unsure if I can do that because I don't know how the games are installed. 

Does the emulator see the disc games as actual discs that have to be inserted and that's why games in this format have to remain despite being installed, while the digital ones (as well as DLC and updates, since they are also digital and use the same .pkg format) are fully installed, so the original files the digital games, DLC and updates were installed from by dragging and dropping into RPCS3 can now be safely removed and are no longer needed for anything? That's my understanding. When I say digital, I mean officially digital versions in the .pkg format, directly from Sony, rather than unofficially ripped from (official) physical discs.

Also, what about DLC and updates? I'm asking this separately because I haven't tested it yet, but as far as I know, DLC and updates work for both digital (NPUB) and disc (BLUS) versions, so would moving their folders also remove them from RPCS3 as is the case with the 2 disc games as described above or not, just like how digital games aren't removed?
Basically, in that Games folder of mine, I have a folder for each game and for games with DLC and / or updates, folders containing respective files in the games' folders. I want to move the entire Games folder (except the 2 games in the disc format, seems like they have to stay) off my PC as it takes up 195 GB which is simply too much and the games are already installed anyway, but I don't know if moving that folder would affect my installed (?) games, as well as their respective DLC and updates.

So, for example, Call of Duty: Black Ops II (NPUB31054) takes up 12.9 GB in the RPCS3 dev_hdd0 folder where it's installed and in my Games folder and 12.8 GB in my Games folder where I installed it from. The update (NPUB31054) is 212 MB, so that should be the remaining difference. I assume the files in my Games folder are entirely duplicate and can be safely removed off the PC since the installed game in the RPCS3 dev_hdd0 folder takes up exactly as much? However, there is also the issue of DLC for the game which is BLUS31011 and works with NPUB31054. Would the DLC vanish from RPCS3 as did the 2 BLUS games when I moved them to a different location on my PC since they're also BLUS, or not because it's irrelevant that they're BLUS since they're still official .pkg files (so, a digital format) just like the NPUB games and not unofficial rips of physical BLUS discs? It is worth mentioning that the DLC folder in my Games folder takes up 6.88 GB, as well as the BLUS31011 folder in dev_hdd0 from RPCS3, so that should also be entirely duplicate and safe to remove from my Games folder, correct?

Well, I think that's all.

Sorry if the post turned out to be a poorly structured and a confusing mess and thanks in advance.
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