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While brand new to the forum I've been using RPCS3 for a few months now. I'm very excited because this seems to be a well-made and stable emulation and I'm very grateful to the developer(s). Thanks.
I've owned three PS3 consoles over the years and they've all given up the ghost on me. In my experience Sony had a lot of build-quality issues with this generation console. Rather than trying to find and buy yet another refurbished console I'm happy now to throw my discs into the computer and play on emulation.

I'm a bit of an old fart. I got my start in gaming on an old Commodore64 system using cartridges and 5 1/4" floppies. My family never got on board with the original NES and eventually settled on a Sega Genesis that we expanded over the years with the Sega CD and 32x. After that console generation we briefly had a used N64 and PS2 but I began gravitating toward PC gaming in order to prioritize and combine entertainment and productivity on a single device. The newest-generation console I've ever owned has been the PS3 and I've never bought one new.
I appreciate the PS3 for Madden football and refreshes of PS2-era titles such as Silent Hill and Shadow of the Colossus.

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