[BLES01765] Dark Souls PTDE awful frametimes.
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09-24-2023, 05:15 AM -
Hi, I tried asking for help on discord, but it wasn't much help so I am now asking for support here. 
This is what my frametimes are looking like, I have everything on default except for what it says to change on the wiki for the game. The compatibility says it is playable on the website, and the wiki says there are no known issues.
I am running a Ryzen 5 3600x, 3060TI driver version 537.42, 16GB of 3600MHz ram on 22H2 Windows 10. I've seen people say this is how it runs on consoles but this is NOT how it runs on console, slowdown is expected in areas such as Blighttown, the undead bridge when the dragon breathes fire but this is not how it should be running 24/7 and it does not run like this on console.
Any help is appreciated, thank you.

EDIT: I would also like to add onto this, I have verified my game dump and everything is good except for missing PS3UPDAT.PUP but that is normal. My game version is 1.09 so I can not try to see if the community 60fps patch fixes frametimes as that only works on 1.00. If this is just where this game is at the moment, then I suggest taking PTDE and moving it from "Playable" to "In-game", where the other dark souls versions are.
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