NHL 2K10 [BLES00654] [SETUP I7 6700HQ GT980M Linux]
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hey folks,

since there is no next-gen-hockey-game available on pc, it is pretty amazing to have the opportunity to play the PS3 - releases with this great emulator thanks to the commiting work of the developers.

unlike the performance of the EA-NHL-Series and if you are not afraid of some minor framedrops NHL 2K10 is a pretty good choice for an I7 6700HQ with the GT980M - if you're running a linux distro like ubuntu 20. mostly the game runs at 55-60 fps with that config, except from 10fps framedrops crossing the middle line. the action in front of the goalies is pretty fluent and entertaining. in comparison to the windows - release of rcps3 the game is also not freezing frequently and the matches are playable from beginning to end (since the fps - perfomance is even better on windows this is a bit annoying but can't do nothing about it and i'm just happy the linux - release is more stable - so who cares!)

for those looking for a good setup this is the best trial-and-error max. performance config for the i7 6700HQ so far from my side. i'm looking forward to your personal findings for a even better performance-setup or/and tips how to squeeze some more frames out of this.








...another tip for those with weaker cpu/gpu - setups: choosing side/tv-broadcast camera and switching view away from players bench improves performance crossing the middle line and smoothes a nice chilling match of hockey!
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Not following the game report guidelines at all
Moving to General Discussion until this is following the game report guidelines
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