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Hi all,

I've been walking the Earth since before PACMAN existed - and I can even recall playing PONG on the family CRT TV on Gen 2 (maybe Gen 1) consoles. I grew up with the C64 (Last Ninjas) and SNES, then Doom/Quake on PC and wasted a lot of coins in my teens on WWF and SF2 Hyper/Mortal Kombats 1-2-3! After a long break, I returned to casual gaming in my 30s and missed the golden era of PS2, instead picking up a Silver PS3 while in Singapore - which sadly experienced the YLoD/RLoD! I picked up a PS4/PS5 since, but I only casually game on burst games, as I have no patience for story-line! I did however also get into some retro-gaming via the retropie thanks to my younger bro, and have since picked up emulating PS2 and now PS3! I don't mind a quick session of Quake Champions (PC) which sadly seems dead atm; and also some first person shooters like Modern Warfare etc. I still enjoy MKs but the combos in the new MKs are insanely complex for an old guy like me, again the patience thing! Personally, I mostly enjoy Super Stardust HD from the PS3 and now thanks to the RPCS3 team, I can crank up resolution and have an absolute blast! Anyhow, I'm still rocking a few old MAC PROs. Apple has tried to EoL them but with OpenCore and the AMD Radeon rom UEFI bypass rom patch, there's still life in the old baby yet! WOOHOO!


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