my computer cuases audio stattering with some games.
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06-25-2023, 03:06 PM -
yesturday i reported on audio issues i had with DMC4.

today i tried to COD 3 and i encounter a similar issue: while the sound did not had any sync issue. when the actual fighting of the first level started (when things actually started to get noisy) the audio started to havily statter.

sense both games reported in forum as working. smoothly i found it weird. and i decided to make some test.

1-reinstalled my GPU driver-no effect.
2-downgraded the emulator to an older build-no effect.
3-tried to run my game on my laptop-IT WORKED. in the exact same point were the sound begin to statter the game ran well.

so i assume the problem is something with my main computer but im not sure what could it be or how to trouble shoot it. the emulator worked well until recently and the only major changes i made were the GPU driver and the Emulator version.

can any help me troubleshoot it and try to figure what can cause this problem?

whatever information needed in order to look into it. i will be more then willing to provide.

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