Buzz controllers on MacOS - Nearly works?
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06-02-2023, 01:41 PM -
As the title says I have nearly gotten my wireless Buzz controllers to work with RPCS3 and Buzz Quiz TV on MacOS.

What works:
  • Connecting to mac
  • Getting passed the "Connect Buzz controllers" screen
  • Also tried with Enjoyable, it detects the Buzz controllers as "Wbuzz" and button pressing

I have tried using a project from GitHub ( that utilizes hidapi (a cross-platform HID library).

If I launch Buzz with only the dongle plugged in and the controllers disconnected it asks me to connect the Buzz controlles. It is clear that it detects them as it bypasses this screen when the controllers are synced before launching the game. But, whenever I get to the screen of accepting DLCs by pressing the Buzz button, nothing happens. No input is detected I believe (picture linked below)

Any and all suggestions are highly appreciated!

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