Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Stutter and others
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05-21-2023, 01:37 AM -
I'm getting really bad stuttering in this game that comes and goes. It gets to the point of unplayable and I have to exit out. Once I restart the stuttering is gone but only for a minute or two, it always returns. I notice during the stuttering sometimes that my controller won't respond to input, like I press the jump button but my character won't jump in the game. All the settings are default besides what's recommended for this particular game in the wiki. I also have the resolution scale set to 200%. I tried changing the framelimit and vsync options but those don't seem to fix it. While the game is stuttering the in-game performance overlay is still showing a constant 60fps. I also tried a fresh install of windows to no avail as well as disabling things in the background that have been known to cause this sort of thing like windows update and its indexer. I've notice this happening in other games as well like The Sly Collection and Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time. I'm aware the latter is still considered "ingame".

My specs

CPU: Intel i5-12400F
GPU: MSI RTX 3060 ti
MOBO: MSI Pro H610m-g
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200
Win 10 64bit

RPCS3 v0.0.27-15035-73dba6d6 Alpha | master

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05-21-2023, 03:38 PM -
How are your CPU thermals when the stuttering starts to occur? RPCS3 is very CPU intensive and it might be overwhelming your cooling solution

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05-21-2023, 11:21 PM -
Never gets above the mid 40's. I have an MSI Coreliquid 240MM AIO. I admit it's overkill for this CPU but I use to own a 12700KF but downgraded and kept the cooler. And yes, it stuttered even with the 12700KF icyww.

And while must of the time the stuttering seems to be random I've been able to replicate it by running around and getting spotted by guards. Having several of them chasing and shooting me seems to create the stutter. Also standing on top of something that's really high and panning the camera around. Sometimes pausing the game and letting it sit for 15-20 seconds fixes it. Also double-clicking the window to leave full-screen sometimes fixes it. But most of the time I'm just dealing with it or having to restart the game when it gets game-breaking like the way it effects my controller input.
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