Can RPCS3 save files be put back into PS3 hardware?
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05-13-2023, 02:07 AM -
This is actually a question I've had for a long time. I've wanted to do some testing on both the emulator and hardware. Save files for the PS3 are encrypted. So, in the past I would have used Bruteforce tool. On Bruteforce all RPCS3 files are "Unreadable" and cannot be encrypted. There are certain games that I have never really gotten to work on RPCS3 for example.

On the opposite side. If I want to use real PS3 save files all I have to do is leave the files unencrypted.
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05-13-2023, 11:23 AM -
If you want to use saves created by RPCS3 on PS3 you need to encrypt them, Apollo is a good tool to easily do that.


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Well, I looked it up. So I tried the "guide" I found below. It came out as "game data damaged" when trying to load.
As of right now, I tried it on MGS4. As for why I wanted to test that game. I noticed I was missing several items when you first meet with Otacon. Basically all of the items (Gun, Tranq gun, Solid Eye). The difference being is that this is a completed save file with Stealth Camo and Bandana unlocked. Those items I do get, but not the others. I wanted to see if this is the emulator's fault or this is how the new game works. I rarely get MGS4 to actually load so it is hard to test. (Maybe there is something wrong with the actual save file)

"The problem lies in the RPCS3 domain:
the emulator doesn't create proper PS3 saves because they just store the data without encryption. Most ps3 games encrypt their save-game data, but the emulator has not implemented the encryption/decryption layer at all.
The emulator even miss to create some required PS3 files like PARAM.PFD

So before even trying to resign a save-game, the data needs to be encrypted back as per the original format and key for that game. I assume (in theory) that a tool such as Bruteforce Savedata (Windows) could be used to regenerate and encrypt the savegame using a real PS3 save as template.
If your PS3 can run homebrew (CFW or HEN), then you can use Apollo Save Tool for importing that unencrypted data file. You need to have a valid save-game created by the game on the PS3, then you can:
  • copy the unencrypted data file to 

     , (for example 

  • open Apollo
  • select "HDD saves"
  • open the save-game for your game
  • select "import decrypted game file"
  • from the list, select the file you copied
  • finally, click "Apply changes & resign"
if nothing failed, Apollo should have imported the data file, encrypted it, and resigned the original save-game with the new data."
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