Heavenly Sword Issue [BCUS98312]
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04-25-2023, 07:21 AM -
At the beginning of chapter 1, a cutscene plays, at the end of that cutscene, instead of going into gameplay, the screen just goes black and stays that way.  the frame counter on the top left of the window continues to update, so it does not seen that RPCS3 is freezing, but it seems more like a failure to load something, or something.  The game runs all the way through the opening menu, the first few minutes of gameplay during the prologue, the cutscene before chapter one, the chapter select menu and then plays the cutscene when starting chapter one, but when it reaches the time for gameplay, it just sits.

Latest version of RPCS3 = Yes
Drivers = Up to date
Dump Checked with IRD = yes 100% pass
Anti-aliasing disabled = yes

Windows 11
CPU - i5 11400H 
GPU - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU 4G Display Memory, 4G Shared Memory
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04-30-2023, 12:39 AM -
I looked in hdd0 and hdd1, cache and anywhere else in the RPCS3 directories folders with the game's particular title code.  I deleted all folders that had the title code of the game.  Then I moved the game folder itself to a different directory and then re-added it from the  RPCS3 game select screen.  Game now goes into gameplay after the cutscene, but still crashes all the time, which I guess is normal for this game.  I am now able to progress through it, but I have to reboot it often because of the frequent crashes.   Oddly enough, it has never crashed during the PiP scenes for me yet.  I hear that's where most of the problems are.
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