since new rpcs3 update new issue
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03-21-2023, 01:09 PM -
Hi there, iam new in town ^^

Always wanted to play some old PS3 classics, so i stumbled over this amazing peace of emulator work, really a great thing!

My first attempt is the god of war collection (1+2 remaster) and so far it worked very well...

Today i updated RPCS3 and now every time i use savestate and try to boot via savestae it freezes and thats it... never had this issue before, i didnt change a single thing besides installing the update. I can tab in a window where i can see the ppu compiling and such, but nothing happens, it just freezes and i have to end the task via taskmanager. 

Anything i can do? Otherwise everythign works, i can start the game regualry and start at the last savepoint... but i like the savestate very much, using it after some annoying passages in the game and so on, cause the savepoints are not that well placed ingame.

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03-27-2023, 02:58 AM -
We need to know what build introduced the regression
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03-27-2023, 11:57 AM -
(03-27-2023, 02:58 AM)Ani Wrote: We need to know what build introduced the regression

Nevermind, its a problem i cant really reproduce anyway... some savestates are working just fine, than sometimes they dont load and everything freezes... and i tried to use the version before, and its the same, was just lucky before with the savestates i guess, so i cant really pinpoint the issue and due to the complete freeze i dont get an error either, cause i have to shut down everything via taskmanager. For now its maybe a 50/50 thing if a savestate works or doesnt. 

version would be 0.0.27 - 14824

i saw that a new version is out now, but i dont have time to check it now.

the god of war collection would be BCUS 98229
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