Can't find config file on Steamdeck
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03-11-2023, 04:08 PM -

I have installed RPCS3 on my SteamDeck and thankfully found the initial setup guidance invaluable.

However, I am unable to get the gamepad controllers to work. 

I am trying to use a Stadia Controller and an Xbox Controller. The Stadia controller analogue sticks aren't centered in the "Pads" and when I navigate to ~/.config/ there is no rpcs3 folder in there to modify, nevermind a "evdev_positive_axis.yml" file.

I have searched for similar folders and files to no success, and I even created this folder in the ".config" folder but this didn't work either.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advancce.

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03-14-2023, 06:09 AM -
If you have no ~/.config folder it means you're not using the official RPCS3 build.
You need to be using the official build in order to ask for support.
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