Pull RAP files from PS3 HDD
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03-04-2023, 11:53 PM -
Hello all. I'm a noob in need of some guidance. I am enjoying Rock Band 3 with RPCS3, but want to access the DLC songs that I have paid for and have on my PS3 HDD. I do not condone piracy. Using HEN, MultiMan, and FileZilla, I was able to pull the songs themselves and put them on my PC in the appropriate folder. Now, RPCS3 and Rock Band 3 on my PC recognize these songs, but will not allow me to play them because I do not have the necessary RAP files (I'm getting the error "Unable to load song, skipping...").  Reading through all of the forums and using Google, I can see where everyone is telling people to put their RAP files into the dev_hdd0/exdata folder on their PS3, so I assumed that's where the RAP files would be for the songs I own. Sadly, this is not the case (my PS3's exdata folder is empty). Since many of these songs are no longer available for purchase, I need to find a way to get them off of my PS3 and onto my PC. Is this possible? I really appreciate your help.

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03-14-2023, 06:28 AM -
If your exdata folder is empty and you have the DLC downloaded and working, it's probably taking the decryption keys from somewhere else

You need to upload a log file so we can see what checks the game is trying to make before it skips loading the songs

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