Unable to Load Game Black Screen
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I am new at all of this so I apologize in advance if this is already been posted about (I did try to find a repeat thread).
Or if what I am asking for is really dumb (I tried to follow the QuickStart guide)

But I recently installed the emulator and I am trying to play NFL Head Coach 09.
I installed the firmware, and when I boot up it says that I have compatible CPU GPU and Firmware version 4.9.
I installed the game using the install packages button. And I go to boot the PS3 interface and then I get a loading screen for a bit. And then the attached screen. I also get a bunch of error codes in the log. I have attached a zip of my log file and an image of the screen. Hopefully this is helpful.

I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you for your time.

I also copied some of the errors in the log screen below
r9=0xffffffff, r10=0x200102a0) x3
U sys_sm TODO: sys_sm_get_ext_event2(a1=*0xd00b0ee8, a2=*0xd00b0ee0, a3=*0xd00b0ed8, a4=*0x1, a4=0x%xll
U sys_gamepad TODO: sys_gamepad_ycon_enumerate_device(in=0, out=3489726768) -> CELL_OK
U PPU TODO: Unimplemented syscall syscall_579 -> CELL_OK (r3=0x0, r4=0xd0047d40, r5=0xd0047d44, r6=0xd0047d48, r7=0xd0047d4c, r8=0xd0047d4c, r9=0xffffffff, r10=0x200102a0)

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