Where does RPCS3 generate cache files?
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Question  02-05-2023, 11:48 PM -
I have an unusual Windows 10 setup.   I keep a small size boot drive, so I can back up my boot drive.

All games are kept on faster NVME drives, and the environment variables in Windows are changed to r:\Temp which is a RAIDed nvme drive.

I am trying to figure out if RPCS3 makes it temp files and cache files on C:\. or uses the Windows environment variables and stores in that Temp directory, or if it creates the temp and cache files in the folder where RPCS3 is installed?

Could one of the support experts, please tell me where RPCS3 generates it temp files or cache files?   And is there anyway for me to pick where those files are generated, so it is done on one of my faster drives?

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02-06-2023, 06:43 AM -
All the RPCS3 generated files are self contained within the RPCS3 folder.
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02-06-2023, 12:20 PM -
Thanks., for answering.

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