Unfair server ban on Discord
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Question  01-25-2023, 11:23 PM -
Hi! Today I was clearing doubts about my game not starting in RPCS3, 2 very attentive moderators were helping me, but then after a while they disappeared and a call appeared Yuri and he gave me an unnecessary warning and then banishment, because I said that what he did was without common sense, I wanted help with that because I really like the server and the program so much that a lot of my friends play it because I always indicated it, and other moderators there who were helping others, were super attentive and helping even if the person was a layman while this Yuri guy was abusing his moderation.

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01-28-2023, 11:41 AM -
There were no bans issued on the 25th of January, nor on the 24th, nor did you specify your Discord username for me to check the ban list.

I see there was a kick, not a ban, on the 25th of January, with an username similar to the one you're using here, for disrespecting the no piracy rule and arguing about it afterwards, it's completely correct as you asked for support with a pirated game and that's strictly forbidden, let alone trying to argue against the warning afterwards.
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