Game Cast Jump In Broken in NCAA Basketball 10
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01-23-2023, 05:19 AM -
Hello all,
I am part of the March Madness Legacy team (a mod for NCAA Basketball 10) and wanted to bring this issue to your attention. In dynasty mode, there is a featured called "sim cast" that lets you watch a text based representation of the game, essentially simming it without you having to play it out. This feature works fine, but there's a feature inside of sim cast that lets you jump in the game. This was a favorite among users but unfortunately it is broken in RPCS3. It works on PS3, even with our mod. 

Here's the RPCS3 log in case you need it:

RPCS3 Tester

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01-23-2023, 04:40 PM -
If you are reporting a bug, it would be better to report it to the GitHub as it is more likely that the devs will see it there

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