Game doesn't create a save file
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Question  01-15-2023, 11:05 PM -
I've recently added Tekken 6 to my RPCS3 library. I've used an original disc from a friend, who has sold his PS3, but we'd like to continue to play his PS3 games on my computer.

The game runs fine, but there's an issue I don't seem to be able to overcome: it doesn't create a save file.

It's not even like it tries to create a save file and there's an error or anything. The game just doesn't seem to even attempt to create a save file.

When I'm in game it unlocks stuff and keeps track, but when I quit next time it starts it's like it's the first time I'm playing.

I've tried saving it manually, but that also doesn't seem to work because I don't even an option for it, only save files for all the other games, not Tekken 6.

Has anyone got any insight on this?

Thanks in advance.

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