Can't get game (God of War 3) to play - Am I doing something wrong?
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01-06-2023, 01:38 PM -

I do not have much experience with emulation, but I have read a few articles and watched a few videos on using RPCS3. Surprisingly (to me), I have been able to emulate a couple of my games (exactly two).

These two game files, though, are not ISOs. The other game I have in my library is an ISO file and it is the only one I cannot seem to get to work; God of War 3.

I see from the 'compatibility list' that it runs 'okay' (some people even have it as 'perfect.' My rig is pretty beastly, so I think I have the capability to run it), but I just can't even seem to get it to boot.

Like I mentioned, I have two other games that work no problem, but I can't get God of War 3 to work and I am wondering if it is because it is an ISO. I have read that others have had issues with this game and that there are certain files that 'work' and others that do not seem to. From what I have gathered, the file I have is the 'good' one. 

But I am wondering if there is something different I have to do with ISOs. I have read a number of posts about the subject and having to mount the ISO (among other methods). However, much of what I have read is relatively old (three or four years) and I do not know if that information still applies today. 

So, my question is basically what do I need to do in order to get an ISO file to play? The folder that it generates upon being zipped seems similar to my non-ISO files, so I am not quite sure why it isn't working.  

For the most current version of RSPC3 is there a particular method to get them to play?

Thank you for your help and patience.
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RPCS3 does not read ISO files, you need to dump your game as JB folder.

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(01-06-2023, 05:49 PM)FlexBy Wrote: RPCS3 does not read ISO files, you need to dump your game as JB folder

Thank you. Is there a recent tutorial or something on YouTube perhaps that shows how to do this that you would recommend? I can find videos on converting JB to ISO, but not the other way around, it seems.

By the way, I saw your Discord name written in Katakana. 実はオレは今日本に居ます。フレックスビーは日本語ができますか?
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Just mount the ISO and boot it from there, on new versions of RPCS3 I would expect it to work

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