ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 2 Audio Crackling FPS Slowdown
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Hello Everyone Happy New Year

I use RPCS3 latest build v0.0.25-14517-310fa712 and ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 2 [BLES01913] I'm having a strange problem and wanted to share it with you.
First of all, I play the game with the Xbox One S wireless controller via XInput.
After starting the game, within 5 or 10 minutes, the FPS drops excessively and game slow motion at the same time with audio crackling and the game becomes extremely slow or i started the game, I came to the menu and put it on hold. After 5 10 minutes, the audio crackling starts by itself and the audio crackling does not improve until I press any key on the keyboard.

When I press any key on the keyboard once, everything returns to normal, but this problem repeats itself as long as the game is running, so it occurs again 5 10 minutes after pressing a key on the keyboard.

There is no problem with the game running in general, but the problem I shared above is annoying and thanks in advance for your help.

My PC Spec

OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2
CPU: Intel i5 9600K 3.70 Ghz
GPU: RTX 2060 6GB
Ram: 16 GB 3200 Mhz
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