Logitech Rumblepad 2
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12-14-2022, 09:34 PM -
I'm very new to RPCS3 so I may be missing something far too obvious,
Please be lenient Wink

I just installed RPCS3 and connected my old Logitech RumblePad 2 controller which seems to be recognized.

This is the default configuration:
(I seem unable to upload an image)
in this configuration right joystick (apparently mapped to "Trigger Thresholds") seems to work ok, but "Analog Stick Deadzones" (left) is severely off-center  and (right is centered, but doesn't move at all).

OTOH if I edit ~/.config/rpcs3/evdev_positive_axis.yml putting "true" in the first 6 settings (as advised in wiki) "Analog Stick Deadzones" (left) seems ok, but right joystick (all  the same mapped to  "Trigger Thresholds") is off-center (neutral position on joystick is flushed left on screen); right joystick does not seem to map to right deadzones at all.

Can someone point me to docs about how to setup my controller?
I was not able to understand how to test it (I *was* able to change settings, more or less, but not to verify everything works as expected).

I aam most evidently missing something :/

Thanks in Advance

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