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12-04-2022, 09:18 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.25-14407-82a8d96f Alpha

Status: Ingame

only 1.00 was tested

settings needed:
- set Renderer to Vulkan (as OpenGL has massive graphical bugs if you enable Write Color Buffers or change the Resolution Scale)
- Write Color Buffers (otherwise it appears way too dark and because of this dark areas are basically unplayable)
- changing Resolution Scale to anything above the default (there is a graphical bug with some shaders like motion blur or light sources as they appear interlaced; see attached screenshot)

I only played the game for 2 hours and there were no crashes or other issues than the ones mentioned and I haven't finished a full playthrough yet.
Performance in Blighttown is horribly bad with fps sometimes lower than 10 if you look towards cetain directions which seems to be similar as playing on real hardware (never played the game myself on a real PS3). The game is also designed to slow down the time scale below 20fps.

The thread of the US version [BLUS30782] mentions other issues from areas I haven't been to yet and these probably also apply to this version.
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