Known Issue: Unhandled Win32 exception 0xC0000005 on Module name: 'msvcrt.dll'
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10-29-2022, 04:45 PM -
There is no other known cause or fix for this issue.
If you're experiencing something different than the issue and fix listed on this thread, then it's not the same issue.
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02-16-2023, 01:14 PM -
Hello, I've encountered this issue with a different audio problem. Basically I used a bluetooth audio receiver to listen to my phone on my PC, and apparently it's making this similar error. 

When I disabled bluetooth audio receiver, it works again.

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Photo  02-19-2023, 03:58 AM -
I had the same problem and do not have the "Asus AI Microphone" device installed. I fixed it by disabling the "SoundSpectrum Audio Cable (Stereo Out)" input device. It is a virtual device I use for audio visualization. Screenshot attached:


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