When I try to play PVZ with the network enabled it crashes when I press the X button
Started by Unova22

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11-18-2022, 10:01 PM -
RPCS3.7z <-- Here is my log file, I can play the game if I have the psn set to disabled, but not the other two settings. I would be so grateful if I could finally be able to load into the leaderboard and see the house, and the dead zombie and plant bits.

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11-19-2022, 07:36 PM -
Unsupported Windows 10 version and GPU drivers, update both to latest
Either way, this game is not compatible with RPCN yet, so this is normal
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11-19-2022, 11:57 PM -
Thanks, the only thing that could be a problem is updating windows, might mess my cpu up more than me incessantly tapping my foot has already caused, I once broke a graphics card by tapping my foot near my computer. My only PS3 has an issue that I think my dad says is with the heat sink, and my ps3 can play ps2 games for some reason, I remember playing the Brats game for ps2 on it, my dad frankensteined it together I'm prety sure. Sorry for the typo's, I can't spell worth a damn.

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