30 years experienced gamer, trying to get the most out of RPCS3
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10-28-2022, 08:22 AM -
What's up folks? So first off, I've read over the rules and definitely am gonna have to learn how to uhh,,, post properly? I'm partially disabled due to a head injury from 2013, I mostly deal with CTE, vertigo, general foggyness on a regular basis, so I do appologize if I post things the wrong way. It may take a while to learn how to get the logs and all that stuff cause I generally can't learn anything without difficulty these days. I'm not slow just out of it most of the time. This includes learning a new video game, which is why I play through classic games so much. But being able to play via emulation allows me to stimulate my brain in ways that for a long time, I didn't try to. Learning new games has allowed me to mentally become a little sharper in other ways again! Generally I've had no problems with this emulator, other than a few I've posted about (and am waiting to see if they get approved haha, again moderators feel free to give me any tips if I'm doing something stupid it's not intentional) I've been playing on emulators for about 16 years now and I just find it easier to play everything on 1 PC with 1 controller. It's easier for me in a lot of ways, and I feel more comfortable that way. Didn't even know there was a PS3 emulator cause I'd never looked until a few days ago, now here I am! Any suggestions on amazing games that work well on here also would be appreciated cause I've missed out on a lot of games over the decades. Thanks for reading!

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