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09-24-2022, 07:18 AM -
I am playing a game and it allows us to use our custom BGM. In PS3, we just put the songs in the media folder and the system can detect the song directly. I am wondering what I need to do with my .mp3 songs. Where should I put it such that rpcs3 can recognize the files?

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09-28-2022, 02:37 PM -
RPCS3 can detect music from 2 locations (or at least wise it should)
Dev_hdd0/MUSIC & dev_usb000/MUSIC.
The PS3 actually does something like MUSIC/aa MUSIC/ab MUSIC/XX and so on and so forth. I don't know where the PS3 does Playlists.
But RPCS3 incorrectly makes the aa, ab, ac, xx folder the Playlist folder. Music CAN be detected from just the MUSIC directory directly or a subfolder both. And it doesn't seem to work very well atm.
Some games even if you've done everything right will not play background music. And some will only play a custom song 1 time then not play the next song or the same song more than once.
So in the end. This feature that is partially implemented is incomplete and a work in progress. I wish you good luck. Try a subdirectory in the music folder. Atm RPCS3 doesn't care how many characters the sub folder is where ps3 only ever used 2 characters. My personal folder looks like Dev_hdd0/MUSIC/Test/song.mp3

If trying to get music in the vsh to work you will need to rebuild the database files everytime you add or subtract music for music to be displayed on the xmb correctly and to do more than be corrupted
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