Earthworm Jim HD [NPJB00115]
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The Japanese version of Earthworm Jim HD (stylized in the emulator's Game List as "アースワームジム HD", when installed) has been Playable for at least the past few years, likely about the same amount of time as its International counterparts (NPUB30120 and NPEB00226, respectively), though I didn't get to test this version until 2020; all of the game's Offline offerings are fully functional without any noticeable visual nor audio issues.
Below's footage and Data Logue come from Build 13776 ("0.0.22-13776-0d022d42 Alpha (Master)"), solely covering the Final Level (via the Level Select) and End Credits; any Glowing and Flashing abnormalities present in the provided footage is from playing the game with Reshade and some of its filters to improve visual quality in other titles, and obviously will not be witnessed during general play without it installed on the emulator.

Earthworm Jim HD (Japan): RPCS3 Data Logues for Build 13776 (Mediafire)
~ Earthworm Jim HD (Japan): Buttville II and End Credits

This is my first time getting to complete Earthworm Jim proper, ever since I was introduced to the series via the Megadrive build in 2000, always been meaning to do so since my early years and I'm happy it could be fulfilled now. (:

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