Flashback [NPJB00429]
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The Japanese version of Flashback (2013) went Unconfirmed when the North American and European builds (NPUB31265 and NPEB01417, respectively) were upgraded to Playable in 2018; builds dating back to then have had this one in a position where it is Playable in the same condition as its counterparts, though it must be noted that certain character models (most notably Bolton during the Escort Mission at Africa Station) will witness noticeable garbling when playing on Vulkan.
The provided Logue Data comes from Build 13758 (0.0.22-13758-4d09be25 Alpha (Master)), tested on my Ryzen 5950X/Radeon VII combo with a Custom Vulkan configuration to test High Framerates; the range on this combo is 053 to 072 FPS when in~game, with a cap closer to the 029 to 040 range for Cutscenes (including the Loading Screen, which in the PC version is also a Cutscene that loops if loading an area takes too long).

~ Flashback (2013) (Japan): RPCS3 Data Logue for Build 13758 (Mediafire)

Below is footage of the Escape Sequence on Planet Morph for reference on what to expect with the framerate fully unlocked.

~ Flashback (2013) (Japan): Escape Sequence and Ending Cutscene

This version is also unique for incredibly rare Game Breaking glitches and crashes that are not at all easy to replicate, be it done on native hardware or emulator; I actively use this build for Speedrunning Practice, it's always a fun time to go through this title and this logue was my first time experimenting with the game on Normal (Medium), it's very different from both Easy and Hard that it delivers a more fair challenge than either or in its own right. (:

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