Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires [NPUB31656]
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03-28-2022, 01:24 AM -
RPCS3 Version: 0.0.21-13378-e66d6a93 Alpha

Just completed an entire empire campaign, almost 7 hours of playtime, and had no issues at all running then game.  I only used Vulkan, unfortunately I dont remember trying with Open GL.  I played with Vsync on, and res scale at 150%.  No DLC.

Ive attached log and pic, but question about attaching the log.  I notice when I play for a long time, it gets to a huge size.  It was close to 700 MB.  I restarted RPCS3, and it reset the log, and thats the online I uploaded, but I imagine that doesnt really help, or is that good enough?

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03-28-2022, 07:05 PM -
The log file is empty
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03-28-2022, 07:14 PM -
To answer your log quedtion you can
1 zip it. 2 rar it. 3. MEGAUpload it 4. Google file share. 5 Media fire 6. Pastebin

The list goes on and on. The thing is as long as the file goes from point A to point B. You're golden.
Restarting RPCS3 overwrites the log. Aka delete and then create a new brand new file.

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03-28-2022, 07:52 PM -
New log file from a 10 minute player.  A thousand yellow turbans died for this data.

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