Sniper: Ghost Warrior [BLES01281]
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03-21-2022, 10:48 PM -
RPCS3 Version: 0.0.21-13362-c5748983 Alpha

Status: Ingame

- First time booting the game I had the following error at the City Interactive intro logo. Only happened that first time, have not seen the error since.
{PPU[0x1000003] Thread (20130a00) [0x0176cb60]} VM: Access violation writing location 0x10 (unmapped memory)
- Graphics in general are fine, but there's a lot of stretched textures glitching all over the place as you move the camera.
- Performance is pretty good from my limited testing (stays in 55-60 range). Has a tendency to spike above 60 without Vsync though.

Non-default settings used:
- Vsync

Log is the tutorial and start of first mission.

Want to also point out that I've double checked my rip against the game's ird file and nothing is corrupt.
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