God Of War Ascension: Game crashes right after i beat a part from a specific boss
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01-17-2022, 01:40 PM -
Whenever i finish one of the parts for killing this boss, the game instantly crashes (and the controller rumbles for some seconds):

[Image: unknown.png?width=874&height=473]

The timestamp for him being killed on a youtube walkthrough is the one that follows:
That is only happening on this very specific part, and the fatal error that comes out when this happens is this one:
"Access violation reading location 0x8 (unmapped memory)"
The full log is in the attached files
i've tried changing to multiple configurations and nothing worked until now.

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12-20-2022, 03:31 PM -
It's happened to me too and it looks like they haven't fixed it yet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as it is one of the games I really want to play again.

You can pass the boss fight without crash if you use OpenGL instead. It's a shader mess when you do it but at least you can pass that boss fight.
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