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(02-02-2022, 09:50 PM)Ani Wrote: This thread makes no sense, please research what you want to talk about as you have no idea of what you're trying to say either

Hello Ani, allright i will try to check out about it, the problem as i said is that is very recent, im sure it was added on the previous month, but since yuzu last report was on december there are almost 0 information about it, If i havent test the newers versions of yuzu i would never notice this improvement. I know what im talking about, is basically a very big boost using gpu instead of charge all on the cpu, so makes the system faster even on low end pcs like mine.

I think you do not understanding the difference between a hand held and console. Due to the big difference in size,
hand held need less effort to emulate and yuzu actually just optimize their emulator. As for both of your computer specs,
you can't even run Dolphin or PCSX2. 

If their are such miracle ways of programming for RPCS3 to run well on a low specs computer like yours. I be glad too. Rolleyes

Hello, on the one hand tell you that in an i5 4570 with 8 gb of ram and a gpu gt1030 with ddr5 memory, both pcsx2 and dolphin can run without problems on this pc. Pcsx2 runs at 1080p and dolphin at 2k without any slowdown or frame drop. And we are talking about a low end pc with graphics that is not game oriented.

What I am saying is that whether it is an emulator of a portable console or a desktop console, if it has better optimizations and more dependence of the gpu with respect to cpu, the performance is better because it has the support of the graphics.

Cases like this can be seen in yuzu as I said or for example flycast or Redream, while for example DEMUL with this same pc configuration is slow because it makes a horrible use of the gpu and in the others it flies at more than 1080p (flycast or Redream).

What I see in rpcs3 that in much older versions has better performance in this same pc that I'm talking about than now, and I think it is very dependent on the cpu and not the gpu. If it used both, it would perform much better.

In fact there are videos with high end pcs and I don't see that rpcs3 has such a considerable improvement over mid/low end pcs like mine in a development time as long as it takes. Ninja gaiden yaiba goes bad, god of war goes terrible and so on and so forth.


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