Is it worth to upgrade to win11 ?
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10-07-2021, 01:25 AM -
Any experts or users able to advise if it's worth to upgrade to win11 for gaming ?
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10-18-2021, 12:36 PM -
Anyone have any input? I too want to know

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04-29-2022, 08:17 AM -
Well... Both Windows 10 and 11 aren't an ideal operating system.
Pros of Windows 11 as far as I know:
You will be able to load computer games faster. (when there will be developed games which support direct storage)
Android aplications like tiktok etc. can be used in Windows 11.
Smaller updates.
Cons of Windows 11 as far as I know:
AMD cpus have some performance issues due to the TPM 2.0 requirment as you can see in the following videos. (Which I have no idea if have been resolved until now)

For me, since I have Windows 10 and I'm good with it, I have no reason to update at Windows 11. Microsoft general tactic is that they want the buyer as a product instead of selling products to the buyers so I don't trust them either.

As I remember Microsoft said that they will add the futures of Windows 11 in Windows 10 but as they said Windows 11 will benefit more from the new futures.
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04-30-2022, 10:48 AM -
If you don't have Intel Alder Lake (gen12) processor then I see no need for updating.

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