Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Masou Kishin III - Pride of Justice [BLJS10223]
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09-13-2021, 02:39 PM -
There was a topic at "Playable" but not actually fully functioned.
And the problem was not solved for years and saw many people asked the same.

Here is the problem, when you used the ultimate move, the game can't load the movie and clashed.
After hundred tries I have found a way by simply turn on the firmware library "libvdec.sprx".

And I found that the game those ultimate moves are actually in video file ".pam" in the disc. The game just loading them.
But in the game the moves loaded in slow motion, when you played the .pam files with video player, the speed is normal.

So the problem should be how to change the setting to let the video play in normal speed.
Already tried my best on this problem. Please help me. Sad

And I have found some youtube video using RPCS3 to emulate the game and they don't have this problem.
I think they have even no need to do any extra setting to do so. And the video is uploaded at 2017.
So why we would face the problem but someone not? Sad

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09-17-2021, 03:29 AM -
Don't post non-game report threads on the game report section. Moved to General Discussion.
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