Simple method to test your computer audio setup
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I can't focus playing my 4k HD rpg pc game star ocean so i come here to take a break and created this thread. For a start, i have

owned and tested this through my life. Hifi system (micro, mini, midi and separate), car audio, A/V and previously owned computers.

Audio related hardwares/softwares for the test - customise power source, cosair cx550m psu, asus bw-16 1 ht bluray writer,

creative soundblaster z and gigaworks T40 series 2 powered stero speakers, aftermarket 3.5mm line cable. leon lai cantonese CD ablum (90s) and MPC HC mediaplayer. Be sure to choose the best sounding CD because the best audio system only faithfully reproduce what's in the CD. Don't choose CD from year 2000 they are cheaper and they sucks.

1) turn on your computer and turn off all sound effects, dsp, equalizer treble and bass on your sound card / sound chip but leave volume at 100%. Set your sample rate and bit depth to 24bit 44.1 and 16bit 44.1 during the test.

2) Insert your CD and start media player, turn up your speaker volume to between 10-12 o'clock. Sit in the center of your speakers

with a distance of 1-2 meters.

3) The results i get is pure hifi quality on 16bit 44.1 and hifi plus studio quality on 24bit 44.1. You can feedback if you done testing

on 96khz or even 192khz. You will feel a bit high and emotional if you got it right, If the audio sucks, you know what to do.

Note: This is not the best, the best audio performance i can get was hifi plus studio performance, you will feel heavenly high and
breath taking sensation while turning your listerning room into a studio. I only achieved this once by luck with my separate hifi
many years ago. The setup were - pioneer F205 turner with sonic link interconnect, pioneer PD802S cdplayer with audioquest interconnect, pioneer A400X integrated amplifier biwiring with audioquest F14 and kimber 4TC to a pair of mordaunt short MS30 speakers. I was a student and only 17yrs old. 

Thanks for reading.
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