[suggestion] A better way to game report !?
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10-19-2020, 04:14 PM -
Hello, i don't understand much why the actual game report  is like that now (like ingame to playable)

to do a game report change  you need to

-upload a rpcs3 log (yes you can see the setting used, but honestly who look a log  for a gamereport !?) it doesn't prove  that the  game is working

-take 3 screenshot, upload it somewhere because the forum won't let you upload your too big screenshot, post it on the forum... (or open your screenshot on image editor to change format then save it then find where they are saved, verify that the size match the forum requirement then finally upload it)
(Also  i don't  see the point of the screenshot, i could take 3 screenshot form the first level it wouldn't prove that the game are playable to the end ! )

I don't have idea, but if  someone find a good idea, would someone may think about it !?
(ps : also, it would be nice to define what "playable" is because for some people playing it with a i9 9990k is playable but for an i5 it would not be at all)
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10-19-2020, 11:40 PM -
RPCS3 logs are useful for development, for users to check for settings and also help validating the report itself.

Screenshots are required to at least show the game is working and how it is rendering, plus performance metrics.
We can't ask for a complete video because that would take too much work, so a few screenshots are enough.

What screenshots are you even trying to upload that you can't upload? Forum has 4MB limit per image, which should allow for 720p and 1080p high quality PNGs. I can increase the limit if you tell me what's the use case.
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